“Ouch! Don’t poke me!” Helping your child manage anxiety in medical settings (46:43 mins)

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In this course, Dr Faith talks about how children demonstrate anxiety in medical settings and give parents specific tools for reducing children’s anxiety. Information is provided both for healthy children and for children who have a chronic illness and have many doctor appointments and procedures. Dr Faith provides concrete exercises parents can use to teach children coping skills to use when they see doctors and nurses and when parents have to give medications to children at home. Dr Faith is strongly committed to “evidence-based treatments,” which means only recommending things that the research shows are helpful.

What you’ll learn

  What is medical anxiety and what are the signs

  What are the symptoms associated with medical anxiety

  How to explain medical anxiety to children

  Exercises parents can use to teach children coping skills

Presenters Profile:


Dr Melissa Faith, Ph.D., ABPP

PhD in clinical psychology




Dr Faith is a licensed psychologist and a board certified specialist in clinical child and adolescent psychology. Her subspecialties include pediatric cancer and blood disorders, where she has subspecialized since 2011. Dr Faith sees patients, teaches, and conducts research, with all three of these domains being integral parts of her workweek. She has published numerous research studies, dating back as far as 2005 and including 8 research studies alone in 2018.

Her research and clinical practice is primarily in pediatric cancer and blood disorders but also includes work in bullying, educating physicians and other medical professionals, and helping adolescents who are sexual and gender minorities (e.g., gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) receive optimal healthcare. She also has specific expertise in “emotion socialization,” which refers to the ways parents teach children and adolescents how to identify, understand, and cope with positive and negative emotions. Dr Faith has been the chair of her institution’s anti-bullying workgroup for over 5 years and continues to advocate for all children to enjoy safe learning environments.

4 reviews for “Ouch! Don’t poke me!” Helping your child manage anxiety in medical settings (46:43 mins)

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