Easy Toilet Training – A Practical Step By Step Guide (34:35 mins)

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You will learn the easy procedure for effective toilet training which doesn’t make you pull your hair out. You get up-to-date knowledge on the essential steps of toilet training which include timing, readiness and personality differences. Easy Toilet Training gives step by step procedures for effective toilet training with maximum ease and fun for all! After watching this course, you will know how to get results quickly, with the least effort and without hiccups.

What you’ll learn

  How to identify when a child is ready for toilet training

  When is a good time to commence toilet training

  Six easy toilet training strategies

  Managing challenges with toilet training

Presenters Profile:


Dr. Janet Hall

PhD, Author, Clin Psych, Hypnotherapist And Mother




Dr. Jan’s approach to parenting is one of ‘loving firmness’ – Children thrive on routine, rules, and natural and logical consequences (yet there are times when parents need to be compassionate and understanding and “bend” the rules). A professional speaker, psychologist, and hypnotherapist, Jan is the author of eight books (Including How You Can Be Boss of the Bladder, Easy Toilet Training, Fight-Free Families, Fear-Free Children, The Super-Parent Survival Guide and Sex-Wise for Teenagers ), AND Fifty four audios: (Including: Stress-proof Yourself and Succeed Faster, How To Super-boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem and Easy Tantrum Taming).

Jan directs the Richmond Hill Psychology Clinic in Clifton Hill, Melbourne, which provides counseling and success coaching to individuals, families, and businesses. Dr. Jan founded the Boss of the Bladder Clinic, to help parents and children with day and bed wetting, soiling and toilet training. She is consistently in demand from the media for comment on a variety of current issues. An accredited member of the National Speaker’s Association of Australia, Jan is a dynamic presenter. An ‘Infotainer’, Jan gives user-friendly information in a down-to-earth and humorous package.




6 reviews for Easy Toilet Training – A Practical Step By Step Guide (34:35 mins)

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